"whaddap purps"

If you dig hella heavy Friday night dance party sh*T, you in the right place.

Don't confuse Joker with the Batman villain of the same name. Although both wear copious amounts of purple, they have little else in common. One is a conniving prankster, & the other drops wonky, synth-laden, bass driven tracks that sonically assault yr earholes. THIS is the music that should be "up in da club", yo. It's not surprising Joker is tight w/ fellow dubstepper & rising star, Flying Lotus. Just saw him @ Coachella & he straight ripped it. Definitely gonna be a big year for both these mugs.

Scope these tracks & get yr grime on.

joker - "tron"
joker - "digidesign"
tc & joker - "it ain't got a name"