fleetwood crack

thats right, im addicted...to fleetwood mac (& you should be too).

ok, so everybody knows the fleetwood mega hits like "dreams", "the chain", "yesterdays gone", etc., & not many can argue w/ the level of amazing-ness of said tunes. this band of pop geniuses have so many more jams that dont receive as much recognition tho. i put together a little zip file of some of my favorite underplayed / lesser-known tracks. all of these are from the stevie nicks & lindsey buckingham era (aka, the coke years). this is the time when they were truly at the top of their game & also amidst the most emotional tumult - divorces, breakups, extreme drug use, band members quiting - you know, the good stuff that exponentially fortified their song-writing. lindsey shreds on guitar & stevie, well, stevie is a diva & lyrical demi-god. if you dont know a lot of fleetwood mac, this is a nice intro to their sound. if you already have all these cuts, then youre prolly as hooked as me. either way, enjoi!

**PLAYLIST & INDIVIDUAL MP3 DOWNLOADS (right-click & save-as)

01. love in store
02. what makes you think youre the one
03. book of love
04. sara
05. im so afraid
06. walk a thin line
07. beautiful child
08. i dont want to know
09. sisters of the moon
10. eyes of the world

p.s. --> if you arent familiar w/ their history, check it out, its pretty incredible.



hello hello. its been a little while, hasnt it. how is everyone? good to hear that. hows the job, the kids? excellent. what the hell am i talking about? quite frankly i have no idea.

just got back from a night ride. L Gray, Charmaine & I formed a bike gang...a synchronized bike gang, actually. we cruised around the mish & checked out the wednesday bar scene. stopped @ dolores, not a gd thing happening there. then we cruised over to this park on hampshire & 26th skreet. we road on the tennis courts & took snaps of us attempting synchronized-figure-biking moves. it might not have looked pretty, but it was funnn. will post pictures soon, but for now, imagine....

I = Brian Boitano, L Gray = Kristi Yamaguchi, Charm = Nancy Kerrigan

music-wise, i got some heavy funk/dance cominatcha. check out Dam Funk, hes the heat.

partytime jamz --> dam funk - galactic fun & dam funk - hood pass intact


breakout: tyler james

tyler james looks like hes 15, but hes really a 25 year old folk country singer-songwriter, on the verge of breaking out.

i first stumbled upon tylers music when i moved to tennessee, around 2004. since then hes put out 2 eps that were well received in the nashville area, where he resides. hes done a couple of solo tours across the united states, but has yet to amass a real following outside of TN. in my opinion, this wont be the case for long. tyler is currently recording a full-length @ House of David studio on music row in nashville, & i believe this album will be a game changer.

quick list of notables that have recorded @ House of David: neil young, elvis presley, roy orbison, yo la tengo.

tyler released studio video footage on his blog, & by the sound of it, the new album is gonna be great. the kid has serious talent, & is an excellent songwriter. his rustic & worn look is highly indicative of his music - he crafts folky alt-country tunes, & has a knack for honest lyrics & resonating melodies. another thing i really dig is that he frequently posts work-in-progress demos (purportedly recorded in his apartment) on a separate myspace page reserved for b-sides/unreleased material. they sound much rougher than the studio tracks, but the songs themselves are just as good if not better than the glossier ones. he recently started a side project w/ fellow nashvillian kate york, & recorded a live 3 song demo. the result is a wonderful pairing; their harmonies are...mellifluous.

check out 2 tracks from the tyler & kate collaboration, & 2 from the "sweet relief" ep (released in 2007)


--> tyler & kate - groovy kind of love
--> tyler & kate - you never wake up

--> tyler james - shenandoah
--> tyler james - for my generation