Josiah Wolf is the drummer & multi-instrumentalist for the lauded band WHY?. He's also a professional reindeer, in his mind. Josiah is stepping outside of his kit to release his 1st solo album "Jet Lag" on Anticon, March 2nd. It's an amalgam of folk & pop, w/ a wee dash of psyche. Check out 2 stellar tracks below. Listen & Like.

Josiah Wolf - Master Cleanse (California)
Josiah Wolf - The Trailer & The Truck


the young sinclairs

The Young Sinclairs are a band from Virginia who sound straight outta 1960...like, seriously. They play summery psychedelic pop, & they play it very, very well. Be on the lookout for the album The Songs of the Young Sinclairs soon to be released on Kindercore. If you know what's good for you, you'll take a listen.

Young Sinclairs - Tribe

Young Sinclairs - Darling

Young Sinclairs - Help You Decide

Oh & did I mention they sound like the Byrds?



"a few loose ends, you gotta tie em up"

New demo from the enigmatic duo. Scope it, download it, & leave yr commentz!

DANG! - slipping through the cracks (in your heart)

So...who & what da L is DANG!?

DANG! is the side-project of Greg Mabry (Heartbeater) & myself. We write & record songs when were together, which isn't often anymore since he lives in TN & I live in CA. We penned this song while Charmaine & I were in Nashville during our winter trip. It's recorded @ the Vaticon, aka the mansion where Heartbeater / Ascent of Everest / Evil Bebos reside.

*to download, right-click / cntrl-click & "save-link-as"



Oh the joy of getting a new album you've been waiting for. It's like Christmas all over again, or Hanukkah, or Festivus. It's that good.

Unlike the stripped-down acoustic timbre of "The End of History", his newest offering is saturated w/ electric guitars & a backing band. Fionn evokes a Bob Dylan-esque rollicking vocal style across most of "The Shadow of an Empire" - think "Subterranean Homesick Blues" - while adding his own unique spin to the equation. He's always been one for fresh, poetic lyrics, & he certainly continues that tradition here. He even rhymes "glasses" w/ "Mr. Onassis". Fionn is quite the clever cat.

*UPDATE: Received a complaint from Blogger about hosting the album & mp3s. Had to delete the content.


wild nothing

"just hanging out in a coin-op laundromat, fixing my buttonz. cool duder."

Check out this hooky new jam from up-&-coming Wild Nothing (pictured above). This kid knows what he's doing. It's poppy, it's enthusiastic, it's fierce. Well, maybe not quite fierce. But you get the idea. Listen to it, download it, & keep your eyes open for the full-length "Gemini" on Captured Tracks due out in May. Yay!

Wild Nothing - "Chinatown"