WHITE ANTELOPE :: unrealeased

The last few days I've been maxing out on White Antelope, which is Robin Pecknold's (lead singer of Fleet Foxes) solo-effort. He doesn't have an official release, but he did put a bunch of songs on a myspace page a lil while ago. Most of them are covers, but there are a couple originals. If you like FF, you will most definitely like these tunes. In related news, Robin has started a separate side-project w/ his sister, & supposedly they are recording soon. Also, Fleet Foxes are starting to prepare their 2nd album. Totally Righteous.

Note: The recordings are pretty lo-fi & quiet, so make sure you turn this ish up!


white antelope - "wild mountain thyme"
white antelope - "silver dagger"
white antelope - "guitar duet"
white antelope - "false knight on the road"

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