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hello fine peoples. thank you for visiting a work in progress.

this is going to be my spot to post music, pictures, anecdotes, etc.

i will put up randumb mp3s for download ever-so-often, & then each month im gonna post a fat mix of the stuff thats been hot on my headphones. the 1st of these mixes can be dloaded below - i broke it into 2 parts. not all of it is new music, but most of it is. enjoi, & come back frequently for updates!

here are the links to dload the mix (scroll down, click the orange download button) --> dillvegas.vol1, dillvegas.vol2

track layout

volume 1

1. atlas sound – bradford cox (deerhunter)+ panda bear (animal collective).
2. highlife – lead singer of the band “woods”. looking forward to the full length album.
3. beirut – my cut off “march of the zapotec/realpeople holland”.
4. girls – gotta represent for fellow frisco kids, & they live in the mission dist.
5. lemonade – brooklyn by way of sf. rave-esque indie music.
6. cave singers – standout track from the new album “welcome joy” that dropped aug 18th.
7. danger mouse & sparklehorse ft. flaming lips – phil collins style w/ a definite flaming lips touch.
8. banjo or freakout – sounds like it was recorded near the ocean. heres the VIDEO.
9. glasser – saw her last year w/ a team of dancers. think feist, but way more spacey.
10. crocodiles – steady drum build & explosion at 2:35.
11. hockey night – pavement + thin lizzy dueling guitars.
12. sleepy sun – bay area psyche-rock-folk. this band will blow up very very soon.
13. boat club – amazing beach music. nuff said.
14. camera obscura – 1st song on the newest album & definitely a gem.
15. low anthem – slowcore/folk w/ great harmonies. this is for all the ohioians.

volume 2

16. pains of being pure at heart – can you say “my bloody valentine”? i can, & its GREAT.
17. teengirl fantasy – casio/electro duo from Oberlin College the track breaks out around 1:05.
18. jay reatard – garage rock/one man band. my favorite cut off “watch me fall”.
19. suckers – it gets your body movin’, albeit, slowly at first. big wall-of-sound build.
20. washed out – shoegaze/electro slow jam. i love this track.
21. papercuts – hazy/reverb/shoegaze/mellow.
22. titus andronicus – new jersey kids. angsty punk w/ thick layers of guitars & an epic finish.
23. neon indian – 80s-psyche-electro-ish.
24. ty segall – loud, spastic, rocknroll.
25. ganglians – fun reverbed out rock w/ a driving bass line.
26. vetiver – again frisco musician, repping the bay hard on this mix. tour partner of devendra banhart.
27. black lips – my fave. garage rock. fuzz. featuring gza of wu tang.
28. russ chimes – french electro. super dance. think daft punk & justice.
29. ott – atmospheric electronic music. in the same vein as thievery corp.
30. dishwasher – canadian. layered vocals + beach boy harmonies.

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