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this kid knows what im talking about

back in SF after 8 great daze in kauai, hawaii. charmaine posted a bunch of pictures & you can check em out on fbook. we also have some vids of us cliff jumping, ill post those as soon as we upload em. radical trip, but im also glad to be back @ home base. you dont think about missing a city until your gone, its true. tons of great stuff coming up in SF -- treasure island music fest, clarion alley block party, charmaines solo art show, etc etc etc. very exciting!

ok so randumb sidenote tangent... always sunny in philadelphia had its season premier last thursday, & KUDOS, its back to being amazing! the 1st episode was a return to form after a dismal 4th season. hope they can stay on this path of hilarity. if you didnt get to see it, check it out; i posted a link to a decent quality stream of it below.
:: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 5 Episode 1 ::

oh & did i mention that GIRLS are blowing the F up? seriously...just this month --> story in spin where they are deemed "best new band", huge show @ ameoba records, cover of sf guardian, featured on p4ks don't look down series, & so on. its almost ridiculous how much press their getting. then again, i tend to agree...their debut is one of the (if not THE) best new album(s) of the year. heres some recent footage from girls playing "darling" on fader tv.

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