kipu fall, kauai

so as you may or may not know, im currently in kauai w/ my gf & her fam. its been amazing - 90 degree weather & 80 degree ocean water. good people, good times! yesterday we found this "hidden" waterfall called kipu falls in lihue. you have to walk down a narrow path pushing through 6 foot tall vegetation for about 10mins before it opens up to the spot. the water was super deep, & there was a rope swing & cliffs you could jump off. heres a snap of the falls.

we took some video of kipu that ill post when we get back. there were also some serbian guys that were climbing like 40+ feet up in this tree & dropping in (we got some footy of that too). straight up nutzzz!

alright, music thyme...check out
"when they fight" by the band the Generationals. theyre a duo from new orleans that make sugary 1950s-style pop songs. perfect track for a sunny day!

mp3 --> generationals - when they fight

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