kauai vidz!

i finally uploaded the kauai videos, so i figured id post em. most of the footage is from kipu falls. its a "secret" (totally in the guidebook) waterfall in the central part of the island. you have to walk thru hard junglezzz for 5-10mins, then it opens up. there was a rope swing & you can jump off the cliff. a jolly good thyme! our 1st visit there we met these serbian mugs that showed us the ropes (pun intended). they were crazy & one jumps out of a tree, which you will see. oh & then the last vid is the house that charmaines family stayed @ on the island. that place was thebombdotcom. we ended up camping in the backyard for 1/2 the trip, which was snice.

jung-lee walk to kipu

serbian drop

rope swang

cliff jhumpingz

thee mansion

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